10-Jun-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
In desperate need of a working vacuum cleaner if anybody has an extra one? Thanks!
7-Jun-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a couch that is suitable for a larger sized family
6-Jun-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Thanks in advance for any help you might give in finding a barbell set.
29-May-2018Hoosick Falls, NY(23 miles)Items Wanted
:Made in 50's or 60's, large, short handled sledge, about 6 lbs, 5186864836
29-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hilltowns. We are in desperate need of a washer and or dryer.nothing fancy just a full-Regular sized washer or dryer would be wonderful. Thanks
25-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
We are looking for any 2x lumber 8' or longer and plywood for a firewood lean-to. Used, with nails is okay. thanks
24-May-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Need 2twin bed frame with mattress and boxsprings,or 1 twin bed frame and a toddler bed, carpets lamps chairs for dining room table, end tables. Dishes and silverware bookcases or shelving
22-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Do you have approximately half a bag worth of decent potting soil for vegetable seed starting? Is it just sitting around? I'd love to pick it up. Thanks for any help.
21-May-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Seeking Graduation Party Decorations for a low budget high school graduation party.
21-May-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hello,we are looking for tomatoe cages, pots of any sizes (big,small,starter), any brand of unused organic soil, garden hoses, garden light to use in green house. We going completely 100% organic, non-gmo garden. Any smaller fruit trees ( example bluebarry). The plants i have growing are outgrown their pots, with all extra veggies and fruits grown,washed will be donated to local food banks. I w...
18-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hi there, I'm looking for outdated seeds anyone may be willing to part with. Probably not more than 2 years old. Looking especially for: any organic variety of kale, asparagus, eggplant, romaine lettuce, turnips, squashes. The reason is this: in 20 days, I am departing to Colombia to work with a women-run organic farm. They are trying to get their program together, and want to know if farmers h...
16-May-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, looking for enough stone to build a patio. Prefer natural shaped stone, not machined. But will consider machined stone if you have a LOT of it....i.e. enough for the entire project. THanks, Chaula
15-May-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Need for gardening project
12-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
I need one rim for the spare on my 2003 Silverado 2500. It s an 8 lug 16 inch x 6.5 . Center hole is 5 to fit on carrier under truck. Don t need a good tire, already have that. Thanks!
6-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a tape deck stereo component. Remember cassettes?! Remember when we had a stack of black boxes on top of our amplifier/receiver. I'm looking for one of those in good condition. I have three cassette decks that were sitting in my basement and they all are broken. I'm looking for a standard tape deck component with 2 pairs of RCA jacks. (My daughter is making mix tapes! crazy as i...
3-May-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Our daughter is buying her first house and needs everything that has to do with yard work. Shovels, rakes, a push mower, string trimmer, push broom, loppers, patio furniture, etc. Anything would be a help. Lastly, if anyone has a peavey hook(log turner) that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your consideration.
27-Apr-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
The kind that is rectangular and has storage space in the seat.
26-Apr-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking to re-purpose old trophies that people no longer want. So if you have some trophies that you are thinking about throwing away, I would love to take them off your hands.
26-Apr-2018Plainfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for Hostas, all dark green leaved, not variegated. And any perennials of any kind. I'm willing to come and dig
25-Apr-2018Pittsfield, MA(19 miles)Items Wanted
Device to check blood pressure
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